Weekly Favorites

Hello my beautiful friends! How is your 2016 going so far? I feel like for me it’s going to be a year full of big positive changes both personally and professionally. How do I know that?  Well, simple because I choose to envision it and believe it. What else is there left to do, haha? Life isn’t perfect, there are constant ups and downs, however whining and complaining is not an option and never makes it to my agenda anymore. 


On that note, I’d like to share with you my favorite quote of the week. It’s simple, yet profound: 'What you believe becomes your truth”. It really does. We all posses multiple beliefs that guide our lives. They could be positive or negative, conscious or subconscious. If we want to live a better, happier and more balanced life, we need to be honest and conscious of our beliefs, because some (or most)  of them could be limiting beliefs. Thus, preventing us from living a full, joyful life, I’d like to propose an exercise - take a few minutes today or better now, because you might forget later and write down some of your beliefs - positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. Write down all of them, as many as you can think of. Then take a look at that list and ask yourself whether these beliefs are serving you in any way? Are they making your life better or worse? Are they getting you closer to your dreams? Once you become aware of your beliefs, it’s your choice to keep them or substitute them for a more positive set of beliefs. I’d love to hear your feedback and insights from doing this exercise. 


There is always music playing in our house. Alex has many different playlists that he chooses based on the mood, as well as time of the day. Every time the song from Theory of Everything soundtrack would play, I’d run to the iPad to write down the name of the song. Eventually I realized there were all from the movie. So, here it goes- a compilation of songs that all touch my heart in a very special way. 
The Soundtracks from the movie - Theory of Everything


I’ve been gifted this beautiful heart ring by a friend and I haven’t taken it off ever since. Haha! Since it’s made of real 18k gold, I even keep it on when I’m showering or sleeping and so far it’s been holding up pretty great. 
Mejuri - Heart Ring


When I was in Canada a few weeks ago my mom shared this article with me that talked about the dangers of tea that comes in tea bags. It was very eye-opening and made me think completely different about tea in general. Sadly, the article was in Russian. I tried to find a similar article in English to share with you guys and I did. Here it goes. 
Find out the truth of what’s really in your tea: read here


Needless to say that after my mom exposed me to that article, I’ve been drinking a lot of my favorite fresh mint tea. 
Here is the recipe from my cookbook:
Handful of fresh mint
1 teaspoon honey
1 cup hot water
Combine the mint and honey in a mug. Pour hot water on top and let steep for a few minutes.  Enjoy! 

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!
Love you!