Weekly Favorites

Hello my beautiful friends! It’s been a crazy busy week for me. Lots is happening- hiring, letting go of people, working on projects that have been dragging on for months and so on. In stressful and stormy life moments like past week I always remind myself that “ this too shall pass”. Everything comes and goes…nothing is forever, therefore we must learn to embrace the stormy weather of our lives and perhaps even dance under the rain. Here is a list of my weekly faves that got me through it all last week. Haha  I’d love to hear about some of your weekly favorites as well, so remember to leave me a comment or send me an e-mail once you are done reading the favorites. 

Love you,




Fave Article

Great communication skills are a key to successful relationships whether at work or home. Most of us however are not aware of small things we can practice to become better communicators with those around us. A friend has shared this article with me last week and I absolutely love the practical advice it offers. 

How to improve your communication skills


Fave Fruit

I’ve been really into oranges lately. I simply slice them and enjoy them as is. They are full of vitamin C. It gives our immune system a boost, which is much needed on these cold winter days. That probably explains why I’m craving them so much these days.  I always make sure to buy organic oranges, because to me they taste completely different- much more sweeter and juicier. I also like they they have an imperfect appearance and are quite smaller than the “perfect looking” conventional oranges. 


Fave Quote  

I live by this quote, as I’m very selective about who I spend my time with. I think it’s something that I’ve learnt with age. I value my time more and more and am very conscious about how and with who I spend it with. This does mean that I turn down offers and opportunities all the time,which I don’t believe would serve me in a positive way. I make sure that I’m fully present and engaged with those people that I do choose to spend my time with and go deep in our conversations. Are you selective about who you spend your time with? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. 


Fave Song

When I Fall in Love by Chris Botti

I absolutely love listening to Chris Botti when I’m stressed, haha! His music instantly puts me in a calm and relaxed state. 


Fave Accessory

 I found this cool jewelry company that’s based here in London. All the designs are very unique and the best part- everything is actually made here in London as well. I especially love this gold spiky necklace I got with rose quartz. 

Spiky gold necklace by Alona 

What are you favorites of the week? Do share! I love hearing from you.